Welcome To Fitness Time Gym

Welcome to our Fitness time gym in Abu Dhabi. We are one of the leading gyms in Abu Dhabi, where all your fitness goals are achieved.

We offer a unique state of fitness facilities to our clients, with an air-conditioned and refreshing environment.
Whether you need to lose or gain weight or you are building up your strength to stay fit and healthy, our gym helps you to get the shape, size, and structure of your body.
At last, your shaped body acquires confidence in you which reveals your hope of living.

Fitnesstime Gym is Equipped with all kind of fitness equipment, spread over 10,000 square feet of gym floor. 

Fitness Time Gym is a safe & convenient place to do your daily workout and build a fit body. Its facilities are promising, varying from swimming to hand combat

We have been serving our valued customer’s since 2017 in the field of fitness. 

It is one of the biggest and top-rated fitness centers in Abudhabi. Over a decade we provide high quality services in fitness, weigh loss, personal training, life style disease management and group fitness sessions.

Fitnesstime Gym is about movement and strength as a foundation of health and it needs exercise and movement scientifically designed to stimulate major body parts, we go with a holistic approach of individualized nutrition, and exercise.

Our Branches

We currently have 2 open locations across Abu Dhabi

For more information or to join the best gym in the UAE, please select your Nearest Fitnesstime Gym Abu Dhabi Location from the list below or request us to open up in a location near to you.

  1. Fitnesstime Gym  in Albateen
  2. Fitnesstime Gym  in Tourist Club Area

We look forward to seeing you at the Best Gym in the Abudhabi!

Being a FitnesstimeGym member doesn’t just mean you save money! It also means you have access to world-class, state-of-the-art gym facilities that provide everyone in the Abudhabi with the opportunity to reach their health and fitness goals – no matter what they are!

In the present world, technology has made our lives more simple and more convenient. We, People, started to spend most of our time staring at mobile phones, laptops, and video games which reduced our physical activities. 

So people mostly prefer to maintain a balanced diet, keep practicing yoga, and do exercises but they never stick to their goal. When we regard our life, health always matters.

Most research suggests people, especially the younger generation, make a healthy diet and lifestyle choices as precedence.Hence, to ensure to get the required amount of exercise, nowadays, people show interest towards the gym for their physical activities and fitness classes.

Before joining the gym, one must choose the gym which fulfills their needs. Generally speaking, there are some types of the gym which are as follows

How do these gyms work?

However, we are glad to introduce ourselves as our gym is the Abu Dhabi Best Gym.

Our Expert Coaches expertise your life
Our Coaches will help you build perseverance, stamina, and physical strength. They will also counsel you on boosting power, speed, and agility with assorted exercises. The satisfactory specialty is that our professional trainers understand the necessities of the individual and then propose plans that yield beneficial outcomes in the long run.
Wellness of gym
Everyone's goal is to get a lean body. However, wellness has different purposes for separate people. It all comes down to our DNA and, of course, our way of life. Our skilled trainers and nutritionists will provide a specific plan for you as per your need to get a healthy lifestyle.


  • Address: Al Bateen
  • Phones: +971508506612
  • Working time: 08:00 AM To 13:00 AM

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