Fitness Time Gym

When you decide to become fit, you have to choose the right gym. In this case, Gyms In Abu Dhabi is the best choice for you. Because the Fitness Time Gym in UAE is the best place to make your body perfect. We built this gym with World-class infrastructure and highly innovative exercise for the Exerciser's convenience. 
 Amenities in Fitness Time Gym 
The Fitness Time Gym In Abu Dhabi is made with Multiple amenities for Excelsiors and Visitor's comfort.
                 • Steam bath
                 • Pool 
                 • Gym
                 • Soccer Table
                 • BBQ Access
                 • Billiards
                 • Table Tennis
                 • Pool Reservation
                 • Jacuzzi
Fitness practices following in Fitness Time Gym 
In Fitness Time Gym, we are practicing many Fitness practices and tricks for bodybuilding and weight loss. We are always concerned about the excelsior Health and Fitness. So we are highly concentrated on the exerciser's wellness during the training period. 
We are including these fitness practices in our Fitness Time Gym. 
               • Six pack workouts 
               • Weight loss
               • Beach bodybuilding 
               • Body strengthening
               • Muscle carve workouts
               • Body pain-relieving exercises
               • Electrical Muscle Stimulation therapy

  • Address: Al Bateen
  • Phones: +971508506612
  • Working time: 08:00 AM To 13:00 AM

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