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No matter how fit you are, boxing is a fun type of workout that will enhance your endurance and agility while keeping your mind and body in shape. Perhaps you're a new boxer who isn't sure where to start. Or maybe you're a seasoned fighter searching for a new proficient boxing gym after moving? Whatever your reason for searching, our guide to choosing Boxing Classes in Abu Dhabi will help you make the best decision.
Fitness time Gym boxing trainers push you to the limit, unleash your inner fighters and help you get the most out of your training
The next step is to compile a list of approximately five different boxing gyms within a reasonable driving distance. Please create a list of their contact info and make plans accordingly. It is not a problem if you visit more than one gym; it is critical to select the best Kick Boxing Classes in Abu Dhabi. We recommend contacting them to set up a visit.
We will instruct you how to strike effectively and enhance your technique based on proper implementation. Register Today Fitness Classes Abu Dhabi for cardio exercise and muscle toning, you need to perform better and for a longer time when sparring.

Ever fancied pulling on the gloves and getting rid of your daily stress whilst burning up to 1000 calories and toning up in a one-hour boxing blitz? If so, a FitnesstimeGym boxing class is for you!
Boxing is an all-over cardio and strength training workout, it helps improve endurance, coordination, stamina, and muscle tone and is a great way to learn some self-defence skills.
The FitnesstimeGym boxing instructors will push you to your limits and help you unleash that inner fighting machine to help get the most out of your workout.

We Are Always Looking For a New Champions.

Small but regular workout effort leads you to beauty and self-confidence. Set your own routine and conditions of training, chose the program that your results. Let your body feel the way of perfection.

FitnessTime GYM in Abudhabi for real, authentic and exclusively spit bucket boxing.
The only boxing gym in Dubai where you will find your inner boxer. A place where you face your hardest opponent – you!
We are a boxing gym that has created a space that is focused on the training rituals and results of a professional boxer.  
It is here, where our elite, professional boxing trainers impart the key to fighting fitness for everyone, men, women and kids through most creative and technical boxing classes. 
You don’t need to be a boxer, you don’t need to be fit, you only need to bring that fighting spirit – for at Real Boxing Only


  • Group Class 300AED for 10 Sessions
  • Personal Class 500AED for 8 Sessions


  • 4 pm to 6 pm Kids Class
  • 6 pm to 8 pm Adults Class


  • 4 pm to 6 pm Kids Class
  • 6 pm to 8 pm Adults Class

Class duration 1 hour

  • One group 5 Students
  • Personal classes timing is flexible
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  • Address: Al Bateen
  • Phones: +971508506612
  • Working time: 08:00 AM To 13:00 AM

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