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Hello everyone! In swimming lessons, you will be ready to soak in the water and dive into the water to prepare your body and happiness. Here we offer swimming lessons for children, working adults and housewives on a convenient schedule. We are here to provide you with the safest and best possible training so that you can immediately swim independently with complete confidence. 

Benefits of learning to swim: 

Swimming teaches children discipline as they complete their strokes and defeat their personal bests. Swimming also instills confidence in the ability to stay close to the water without injury while learning pool safety skills. 
Why do you need our Top gym in Abu Dhabi for your swimming needs?

  •  We are here to provide you with the safest and most effective training possible so that you can swim independently and confidently in the shortest amount of time.
  •  Our swimming pool's water temperature is perfectly stable. This means they are available all year round. 
  •  Our professional and experienced staff will provide students with new movement and communication skills, solid skills, individual and team skills, discipline and self-confidence development, as well as structured programs that lead to development. A love for sports that enhances your natural abilities. Abu Dhabi's swimming courses make every effort to provide a safe, fun, intuitive and rewarding learning experience as you progress through the course. 
  •  Intermediate and advanced swimmers also have access to swimming learning, stroke correction, and squad training sessions.

We offer swimming lessons to children, working Adults & Housewives at your convenient schedule.

We are here to give you the safest and the best training possible, to help you swim independently with full confidence, in the shortest period of time.

Our trainers are dedicated and will give you the one on one attention you need with clarity for your successful progress.

Our unique teaching method helps us understand every student’s need for pace and their ability to grasp and master the swimming skills.

Swimming Classes In Abudhabi does it’s best to make your learning experience safe, enjoyable, intuitive and rewarding every step of the way as you move forward in your class.

We don’t just teach you how to swim but We make you love it!

We help swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Programs include Water Familiarization program:

Learn to Swim, Stroke Correction programs, Squad Training sessions for intermediate and advanced swimmers as well.

In addition to these, they also have exclusive adult sessions for those who would like to learn to swim or stay fit through swimming.

Regular competitions, galas, camps are also organized in pools and open water venues throughout Abudhabi for the more competitive swimmers.

Our aim is to introduce sports and sporting events as a fun, exciting and social sport to all interested juniors and adults of various abilities.

Our professional and experienced coaching staff will enhance the student’s natural ability through a structured program which will not only result in developing new motor and communication skills, a solid technique, individual and team work abilities, discipline and confidence in them, but also develop a love for the sport.


Group Class 500AED for 10 Sessions

Personal Class 800AED for 8 Sessions

  • Class Duration 1 Hour
  • Adults Rates Same
  • Six Students in a group
  • Starting age 4 years
  • Male Female both trainers available
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  • Address: Al Bateen
  • Phones: +971508506612
  • Working time: 08:00 AM To 13:00 AM

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